Palace story in the pink city!

Hello everyone, Hope ya’ll doing well. Sun has already hit Mumbai and I’m still in winter vibes… few months back I went on a trip to Jaipur – the pink city, and the palace in which I stayed i.e Fairmont Hotel got me so stunned that i felt to share it with you guys and thought to why not make it a travel story itself.

So, as soon as we entered the palace, we got a whole royal welcome with drums on one side and showering rose petals from top, the hotel is made up just like a rajasthani palace and so huge, as soon as I moved inside there was a man playing a musical instrument which was so soothing.

We were then headed for the lunch and I was so surprised to see sooooo many of different food items from American to Indian to everything was available in atleast 3 to 4 varieties, and same with dinner and breakfast. I literally felt like being treated like a king there and everything was so delicious that I was over the top full and still no regrets.

Coming to the room, It had a lovely view. The interior was modern vintage which I personally loved. The bathroom was big enough to live in, like seriously. It had two entrances and was just so perfect to relax your day out. Next morning I went for Jacuzzi and steam, and it was rejuvenating, one thing I liked is they don’t let anyone else join until one’s time is up. So you get your time there.

Evenings were spent taking walks in the palace and there’s this beautiful place with trees all around between the palace with sitting areas and some soothing music on. The dining area again was so mesmerising and royal. After dinner I went through some shops in the palace and then hit the library, YES, this palace has a library in it which has so many customised books you would love to read.

I was so overwhelmed with this hotel that I can visit it as many times as I could. Also let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and yess, don’t forget to enjoy the pictures! XX


Outfit Details: Dress, hat –  Forever21, Shoes – Zara
Top – Only, Leather pants – forever21, shoes – local shop, Paris
Tee shirt – Aeropostale, Dungaree & shoes – Zara, Cap – local shop, Singapore


Denim shirt – Aeropostale, leggings – local shop, Gangtok, shoes – Forever21


Thank you!


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