Sephora Face mask sheets!

IMG_9934.JPGHello everyone, summers are all ready but is your skin too? So, I’m not really a fan of summers and of winters/autumn instead! So is my skin. My skin gets really patchy and uneven in summers and get ruined when exposed in sun (b’cause ofcourse I’m not the one who uses sunscreen regularly or let’s say never, for whatsoever reasons) and it behaves exactly the opposite in winters, being so clean and even and all fresh and glory!

Being really conscious for my skin in summers, I always keep on applying some or the other fruits on my face to maintain the evenness. It does help trust me! But with that our face skin needs extra nourishment too, so I gave Sephora face mask sheets a try! There are so many types and different ingredients for different needs in that. I picked up two- green tea which is for to remove blemishes and pearl which is for glowing skin.

I tried on the pearl one, keeping it for 15mins as said on the package. When I was done surprisingly I could see the difference then and there and then I knew why these masques are so famous. I’m not even making this up.. these are my true reviews and I really liked the product. I can see the glow on my face within the very next minutes. Though, I can’t promise if it will work the same on your skin type too, but hey! You can atleast give it a try sometime when you think so. And I can’t wait to try the green tea one too. Hoping it to work the same.

Pricing – 5/10
Quality – 9/10

Let me know if this helped you or your experiences if you have tried them too! Cya until next time! Also, don’t forget to come join me on my social media fam. xx



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