Go Green this ss17!

IMG_0133Heyy, everyone!! How’s your day going? And how are you struggling to decide what to wear this summer? So, most of you guys must already be aware of the colour trends this season and for those who are not – they are green and pink this time.

So now you know what to pickup this season, let me show you how I paired up my favs and how it turned up my go-to ootd this summers! As I love wearing cotton pants which makes me feel the most comfortable thing ever, I had this khaki green pants, which luckily was the color trend and gave me another reason to love it more. I paired them up with white embroidery top which went quite a well with it and slip-on shoes which are the most comfiest shoes ever. I was such a happy person when all my comfiest thing combined made a good and trendy pair because hey! At the end it’s all about comfort, right??

So, this is how my summer go-to outfit came up and co-incidentally it was a head to toe zara!

Let me know if you like this outfit or your views and don’t forget to subscribe and join me on my social media. Enjoy the pictures! xx



Outfit details : Top, pant, shoes – Zara, wallet – Louis Vuitton


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