How to shop like a pro!

IMG_0580.JPGHello guys, it’s been another day and I was just wondering about shopping since past few days and ended up writing this. This is a very different blog that I’m coming up with and I’m hoping you guys will find it effective and helpful. So, yes! As the name says it’s for all the shopping lovers (and the trouble shoppers) who always end up shopping a lot but not what they end up actually wearing it.

First thing first, you need to check out your wardrobe before going for an actual shopping and note down what all separates (clothes which you bought but don’t really wear because you don’t have anything to pair it up with) you have in it there since months now, so this will fall under your must haves list.

Secondly, know your body type and shape, if you are not already following it. (you can always google it and you will know it.) Because that really plays a major role while buying clothes for yourself, you need to know what best suits your body type before blindly shopping for on going fashion trends. Such buys mostly ends up hanging in closet, so knowing your shape and shopping accordingly is a very important part and will also enhance your look and personality in a more better way.

Third, make a wishlist of what new you wanted to try since forever and is not there in your closet yet! and next imp thing is decide your budget and stick to it unless it’s very important to not to. This will help you not buy unnecessary things and then regret them! You can save it for your next shopping only to buy more clothes instead.

And now that you already have your lists and budget ready, you already know what you want to shop and have a clearer mind! Which will make your shopping much easier!

Let me know if you feel these kind of blogs are helpful and if I should make them more often in the comments below and don’t forget to connect to me on my social media.

Thank you and positive vibes! xx

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