5 types of bottoms you should rock this season!

Hello guys! I’m sorry I had not been posting lately, I was kind of laid back and confused about what to post or bring something new to you guys. As there is a lot going on with the bottoms this season, I came up with this.

So let’s start with the 5 bottoms you should rock this season, I hope you guys like it as well.

1. Uneven Hem denims:

This ones are already all over the stores and social medias, you can just give your old skinny denims a new makeover and you are already rocking the look! You can pair it up with any of your basic tops and done!


2. Fringed hem denims: 

I’m in love with these ones, we are not yet over with fringes and we are getting more and more of it. Fringed bags, tops, shoes and now even our denims, how cool is that! Even these one’s are been seen in all over the stores and brands already, right? How have you been loving them? These are a makeover for your old boyfriend jeans.

3. Flared bottoms:

These pants look so chic and trendy, any body type can donne this ones. They even make you look taller and it can be worn for any given event. From formal to party, you can get with this wherever you want. Again, these are not as much seen as the above two so finding a perfect pair will not be an easy job, but you can surely checkout online.

4. Paper bag waist pants:

If you have been reading my blogs then you must have already seen this in my last post. I have already  talked about how classy they can make you look, if you haven’t checked that post yet, you should definitely go check it out.

5. Side buttoned/laced pants:

If you find a perfect pair of this ones, just get them on. It’s not so popular here yet but I’m sure they are making their way out and soon be seen on everyone already. I have seen some of the online stores having a good ones, so keep a check and you will know.

So, this is it! You don’t need all of it in your wardrobe but you can pick up according to your body shape and which makes you look your best and comfortable in it. The best part is that you can diy some of this all by yourself so you don’t need to worry about being low on your pocket, because you can always shop some more shoes from that money, right? :p

If you guys found this interesting and helpful then do let me know in the comments below and do follow my blog and socials medias. Thanks and positive vibes to you, xo!

picture courtesy- google


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