Fresh feels ft. Sr Store!

IMG_2654.JPGHello everyone! Hope ya’ll partying hard and slaying your attire!! I couldn’t keep it up for past days but I have surely got you something super exciting with this bloggg!! I came across a really cool website called SR Store.. many of you would have already been familiar with it and for those who are not, this will definitely cover you.

I was surfing this website and to my surprise they had every item in trend on the site already and the colours, designs, patterns made me want to have more of it! Such a fresh collection, I ended up picking up this pink bomber jacket with rose print (my favourite trend of ss17) on it. I loved how the colour combination perfectly compliment each other and the satin material made me feel soft and comfortable more enough!


Bombay weather is too hot for proper jackets (forget coats!) But this bomber’s material is so perfect, even in monsoon you could totally flaunt it! Bomber jackets are a must-have wardrobe piece, anytime! (Who doesn’t agree with that?!) I paired it up with all white outfit to embrace the look and drawing attention towards it plus keeping the look subtle and cool tone.






Second thing I picked up was this ghingham print high-low off-shoulder dress, and trust me the flow, the fit, the silhouette everything in it is such a magical piece! The instant I tried them on I was feeling all gorgeous and happy! Sometimes some clothes does make you feel that way! And it fits so perfectly great. I paired it up with black corset belt which you have been seeing on every tee-shirt dress now! I like how it adds the shape to the outfit and body at the same time. Added it up with the cuff heels to give it a classy touch. I loved the stuff they sent me and my experience with them. Would definitely look forward to SR Store for more such pretty stuff!






Hope you too loved the looks!! Thanks xx

Picture credits : Sneha (@ravishingfocus)


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