Review – Innisfree skin care products.


Heyy folks! So recently Innisfree sent me some skin care products and I thought to share its review with you guys.. as who wouldn’t want their skin care routine to be perfect?!

Products they have sent me:

  • Innisfree Super Volcanic clay mousse mask.
  • Innisfree jeju volvanic pore cleansing foam.
  • Innisfree jeju volcanic 3 in 1 nose pack.
  • Innisfree green tea sheet mask.


This one comes with a spray top for you to take adequate amount required easily.. the texture of the mousse mask is very smooth and easy to spread. After applying it dries out in a span of minutes and then you have to rinse it off. My skin did feel good after trying it but I think sheet masks still works better.

overall product- 5/10

will buy again? – No.

Next is Jeju volcanic face wash:


Coming to this one.. this was the best product I liked from all of them. For this less is more. Even the minimal amount you can squeeze from this would lather up so much foam. The scent of it is great, I like it but some might find it a bit stronger. Such a refreshing facewash is all I can say.

overall product- 8/10

Will buy again? – Yes.

Next up is jeju volcanic 3 in 1 Nose pack:


Having no blackheads, I can’t really tell if it does remove them.. but when I tried it on it did make my skin a lot softer and smoother.. So I’m assuming it to work well enough with the blackheads too.

overall product- 7/10

will buy again? – maybe.

Last is green tea sheet mask:

This is not the first time I’m trying this.. and I had always loved how hydrated  skin gets after using them. This one does it job and equally is reasonable enough than any other sheet masks available in India. Green tea did work well but my personal preference is always a fruit one.

overall product – 8.5/10

Will buy again? – Yes.

That’s all for today. So start pampering you skin already! Hoping this review will help you decide and don’t forget to join me on my social media. If any questions then do comment down below. Thanks xx



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