Review for Bath Boons.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my space.. this time I have got some skin care review for you guys, so keep reading to know more on it.

Recently Bath Boons, A company that makes natural skin care products, sent me few products for reviewing. It had a tulsi & Neem soap bar, a strawberry body lotion and a lemon green tea lip balm.

Starting with the natural handmade soap.. it did not have an amazing smell for obvious reasons but it did work so well and made my skin very smooth and clean specially. I highly recommend to give it a try!!

Coming to the lotion, I did not like its consistency.. not that smooth to apply. But after applying it my hands did seem to be glowing shiny. And moisturised it well enough so if you don’t have any problem with consistency then you must try it out and you will know it plus it smelled so natural strawberries.

Now lip balm is the thing I do not recommend. Because I felt the content too hard to be gliding on. It doesn’t apply on your lips.

Soap : 9/10

Body lotion : 7/10

Lip balm : 3/10

I hope this would have helped you out. Stay tuned for more blog posts and do connect on my social medias.

Thank you! xx


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