My first solo trip!

Heyyy guys! I’m so excited finally I’m going to share with you guys something I have been waiting for too long to experience and FINALLYYY it happened – Yasss, my first solo trip and it was BALI.

I have been planning this since such a long time now and everytime I used to plan it I somehow ended up giving it up for not being sure how to go about it, which place to choose, it was all so confusing. Last month I made it up I have to go, shortlisted few locations, budget etc and worked on it. I knew if nothing then Bali it was. At last I selected it, booked the tickets feeling excited and nervous at the same time.

I din’t know what I was gonna do, I din’t make any itinerary just googled everything to do in Bali, got some information from friends and made a note on what I dint want to miss out on. One thing I knew was I wasn’t going to just visit the typical tourist places and instead wander around the island and the streets.

Only thing fixed were my flights and hotel there. Bali is famous for its villas but them for a solo trip would be such a bore hence I opted for a hotel instead and I don’t regret it. The day came I finally was at the airport having all that feelings at once and more than that felt like a child no more. That was such an amazing feel.

I went, I had sooo much fun, so much peace and so much found myself along with it. Bali treated me so well I din’t want to come back.

If you have been planning on that first solo trip but not sure yet ? My advice: just book the tickets and leave. You would then know why it was a good idea! Just be careful while choosing your location if it’s safe enough, you won’t want to explore being scared all the time there and ofcourse you have to keep your personal defence items with you all the time.

I found bali much safer, though people warned me it ain’t, one of the things I loved about Bali was the people there. They are so kind and helpful, you would be amazed. Also, for the luggage, opt for the one which is more convenient for you to carry! Rucksacks are always helpful in that matter.

Back to Bombay and still kinda feel Bali!

Checkout my next blog for all the details about my Bali trip.

Thank you and make that solo trip happen. That’s one thing every being should experience once in their life time! Xo


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