My first Chanel buy!

Hey guys, I’m doing great and hope you guys too are enjoying little or big things in your life. Talking about little things makes me speak about my very first buy from Chanel; Yes! I bought my very first Chanel lipstick from the Rouge Allure velvet matte collection in the shade l’adoree (45) which is a limited edition and I was wanting it from so long now.

I know for many people it won’t be such a big deal! But buying this expensive lipstick is what I had to save for. I don’t earn and not that I can afford it on a regular yeah! You guys should know how much my love for lipstick is and if you are one too you would understand this happiness we feel from buying such a little thing, right? Though I was more excited for the packaging than the product itself, the formulation of the lipstick din’t let me down either.

The moment I opened and glided it, it felt so soft and creamy and hydrating yet it does gives a velvety look to your lips, the pigmentation is just perfect. This feels insane and according to me the lipstick is worth the buy and I don’t regret to invest in it at all. The packaging is also classy and elegant. After using this lipstick for one instant it made me want to have more of it, if ever I can afford them all.

I never knew my first luxury lipstick would be so soon.. I’m insanely crazy for luxury brands and hoping to tick off all the items on my list real soon.

p.s Best part of it is the clicker packaging which makes me feel so good, everytime I open it. This satisfaction is different!

Also, comment down below what do you think of this blog and if you have any products on your list. xo


3 thoughts on “My first Chanel buy!

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  1. I really want to buy a Chanel lambskin card holder. I love bags for some reason. I say this will be my last luxury purchase but I’m not sure. I’m a little nervous about spending that amount of money on a bag that will stay in my purse most of it’s life and possibly get scratched. Also, I don’t want to see it get scratched since it will just be sitting in my purse. What do you suggest?


    1. Hi, So I’ll just tell you one thing if that card holder won’t get out of your mind and you are really into bags then you must buy it! Though it will remain inside all the time it will still make you happy whenever you see it! That’s how I think. Xo


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